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Beta: Auto-fulfill bundle items

Beta: Auto-fulfill bundle items

Who should use this feature?

  1. Your fulfillment locations are eligible for Shopify Shipping
  2. You are using Shopify shipping
  3. You buy shipping labels on Shopify

What it does:

The standard order format for the variant mode:

As you can see, the bundle item and the individual items are unfulfilled. When you create a shipping label, the bundle item is also included.

When the option (auto-fulfill bundle items) is activated, the bundle item is automatically fulfilled by the app. The bundle item is marked as fulfilled:

What it implies:

  1. The shipping label will not include the bundle item when you buy a shipping label. The total weight only includes your individual items that are unfulfilled
  2. The bundle items will not be included when you buy shipping labels in bulk.
  3. The shipping fee only includes the individual items that are unfulfilled. There is no double weight for the shipping fee.


Shopify Shipping: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/shipping/shopify-shipping