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Bundle weight is doubled due to order editing

Bundle weight is doubled due to order editing

Recently, some users report that the bundle items cause a double-weight issue on the order. It can only happen for the default variant mode. If you're only using discount code mode or subscription bundles, the issue doesn't affect your store.

Here's a report of what's happening:


When the customers checked out, They can only see the bundle items. Only after an order is paid, the individual items will be added to the order.  Therefore, No extra shipping fee is charged to your customers. Also, the individual items will NOT trigger a recalculation of the shipping fee. In other words, no extra shipping fee will incur AFTER the order editing.

Editing order items
You can edit an order if a customer wants to change an item or if you need to add or remove an item.

The issue:

However, the bundle weight will be doubled after order editing. The shipping fee will be affected by this change. You have to exclude the bundle line items when you purchase shipping labels. These bundle line items are only used to generate the total weight and price for checkout.

Who is affected?

The issue only affects your store if you're using Shopify Shipping labels

The workaround:

  1. You can use the latest feature - auto-fulfill bundle items in the BYOB settings. The bundle items will be auto-fulfilled and excluded from shipping. The sample order format is shown below:
  2. You can change the order format completely when pairing bundles with a discount code. Under the discount code mode, only individual items are added to the cart and NO variants are generated.
  3. Another way is to make manual adjustments. You can change the total weight when purchasing a shipping label


  1. Can I edit the weights of the bundle items?
    Yes, you can do it manually but the weight of a line item cannot be edited by the Shopify order edit API. As a result, the app cannot change the weight automatically.
  2. Can you remove the bundle items from the order?
    No, it will mess up the order total.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about the issue, please send us a note in the Helpdesk and we'll get back to you asap!