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BYOB Product Updates - Sept 2022

BYOB Product Updates - Sept 2022

Integrations with subscription apps

  • Skio & Appstle are now supported

Integration with reviews app

  • Stamped Product Reviews & UGC is now supported

Pair with Discount Code

If you're using the discount type of "Pair with Discount code", you can show the discounted bundle price on the add-to-cart button.

Just input the displayed discount the same as your discount code, e.g. you create a code of buying a minimum of 3 items in the Glove collection, and get 10% off. Input the displayed discount same as below:

Order tracking

  • Besides the default variant mode, orders generated by (1) pairing with discount codes, and (2) subscriptions are also tracked with the cart permalink/checkout link.
  • You can see the tracking info via Order details => Additional details and Conversion Summary

BYOB QuickView Section

  • A "QuickView" text can be added next to the quick view icon. This text can be changed in the language editor

BYOB Product Selections Section

  • Infinite Scrolling is now supported
    When the mouse is scrolled to the page bottom, more products are loaded automatically
  • Max number of products is increased to 10 per row

Overall performance improvement

  • Long-running tasks like order editing and template files update are separated from users' processing. In other words, users will have a smoother experience when using the BYOB app
  • Auto repair orders per hour when order editing is failed

By the time of writing, more than 40,000 orders are processed by BYOB! Last year, we were only processing 1,000 orders.

When the peak season is coming, we're trying to improve the app's performance and stability. Let's keep the ball rolling!