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Beta: Integration with subscription apps (Build a box with Recharge)!

Beta: Integration with subscription apps (Build a box with Recharge)!

Integration with the subscription apps is one of the most popular feature requests since we started. Previously, it's not possible since the subscription apps are storing the subscription data in different ways.

With the latest Shopify subscription API, the landscape is changed finally. There is a single point of data source that app developers can rely on.

How BYOB can work with your subscription apps

With this integration, you can build a box / build a custom bundle with Recharge.

You will continue using your subscription app to manage the subscription plans. BYOB has added a new discount type of subscription. When the bundle is using subscription discount, the template will read the subscription plans linked to the bundle products and the individual products.

As a result, the customers can select the subscription options once and all individual items will be added to the cart with the selected subscription plans. As this integration is only utilizing the native Shopify features. No dummy data is generated and no order editing happens. The side effect is minimized

Separation of works

Your subscription apps: manage your subscription data, e.g. delivery frequency, subscription discounts, existing subscriptions

BYOB: display the subscription options in BYOB custom templates

A walk-through of the customer journey

Supported subscription apps

At the moment of writing, Recharge and Awtomatic are supported. But more app supports are coming soon. Please tell us if you are interested in any subscription app.

Eligible Plans

BYOB Standard, Advance, or the Plus plan

How to get started?

For existing BYOB users, please follow this article to get started: Integration with Subscription Apps