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Bundle Builder vs BYOB vs Bundable

Bundle Builder vs BYOB vs Bundable

Some users may wonder what are the difference between BYOB and other existing apps. Here is a comparison table for your reference:

Bundle Builder BYOB Bundable
Type Build Your Own Bundle Build Your Own Bundle Build Your Own Bundle
Bundle Type Single-SKU & Multi-SKU Only 1 Hyrbid Bundle Type Only 1 Single-SKU type
What's shown on the cart? 1 item for Single-SKU individual items for Multi-SKU 1 item 1 item
Show Individual SKUs on orders? Only Multi-SKU X
Multiple Discounts? Only Single-SKU
Change Orders with Draft Order Edit Order N/A
Sync Inventory
Support Multiple Collections X
Support No Discount X
Pricing Based on Your Shopify Plan Based on Numbers of Order Only 1 Plan
$25 - $75 / m $0 - $199 / m $18.5 / m
Free Plan ✔ for development stores ✔ for 30 orders X
Edit Bundle Design with Section X X
Subscription X X
No-Code Installation No for Multi-SKU

p.s. please note that the data may change from time to time. We try to update the article constantly but we can't guarantee the data is 100% correct.

Data sources 🛢:

  1. Bundle builder FAQ Site: https://docs.bundlebuilder.app/
  2. Bundable Doc: https://sovi-apps.helpscoutdocs.com/collection/1-bundable
  3. BYOB FAQ Site: https://support.ilovebyob.com/

How BYOB is different from the others ✅:

  1. Easy to use
    You can set up a bundle in 5 min. There is no code to deal with.
  2. Single bundle type
    You don't need to study the differences between different bundle types. It saves your time from reading the docs
  3. Customize template easily with theme section
    If you don't know code, you can still customize the bundle template with Shopify theme editor. We add a variety of customization options with theme sections.
  4. Mobile-ready
    Both the app and template support mobile devices.
  5. Freemium
    We offer a Free plan with 30 orders included and you can upgrade when you're ready

What's next for BYOB ?

  • Increase average order value (AOV)
  • Empower merchants to offer build-your-own packs
  • Improve conversion rate of the bundle template
  • Finally, make your user experience as painless as possible!

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